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15:01 09.01.2010


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    Note: This project ended on 06/16/10. The site is not being updated. (More…)

    21st of June, 2009 – a young woman dies during a protest against the Iranian government on the streets of Teheran. Today, Neda Soltan isn’t just the symbol of the Green Revolution. Her story is also proof that the classic media coverage increasingly hits its limits.

    Before the foreign correspondents reach the locations of interest, a flood of information, videos and pictures circulates through the Social Media Platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Flickr transport emotions authentically and in real time.

    This is where “This Is South Africa” gets in. For this years Football World Cup, thousands of journalists from across the globe will travel to South Africa. But before they arrive, the Axel Springer Akademie is already there. It is our belief that the really interesting stories can be found online. Our eyes will be locals, our sources are the Social Media Platforms they are registered in. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube: News, first hand footage, emotions.

    South Africa – the real deal.

    With our Internet platform „This is South Africa“ we offer our users a different perspective of the country, like no classic media coverage ever could. To achieve this, the Axel-Springer-Akademie draws upon a wide range of local bloggers and users of Social Media Platforms. This way our stories do not only provide news, but they also show the reactions to go along.

    We stick to our goal: World Kap 2.0 – Faces, Football, Feelings.


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